Florida Watersnake

There are several species of snakes in central Florida available through swampmonsters.  Snakes are available during the Spring and Summer months.  Our snake species list includes Florida (banded) Watersnake, Peninsula Ribbon snake, Yellow Rat snake, Black Racer, and Green  Snake.  Sometimes other snakes are encountered such as brown watersnake, green watersnake, striped swamp snake, mud snake, green snake, blue-stripe garter snake, and others.  Contact us at to be put on our snake watch list.

Shipping Snakes: WE must insist on using Fedex standard overnight shipping for snakes.

Pictures below: Mud Snake, Ribbon Snake, Yellow Rat Snake, Brown Watersnake.mud snake 2012 3 Ribbon Snake Yellow Rat ppt 45 inchBrown Watersnake Kingsnake

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