Amphiuma (“Congo Eel”)

The two-toed amphiuma $25.00 each, plus shipping, is a large, eel-like salamander with tiny front and hind limbs, each with two toes.  The amphiuma is also called “congo eel” and has the uncommon ability to estivate and they can grow large to about four feet+ in length.  Amphiumas will scavenge for food and will also hunt for prey.  These big salamanders eat a wide array of prey and are easy to keep, like sirens, partially because they gulp air at the surface and therefore can tolerate low dissolved oxygen.  They also tolerate a wide temperature range, long periods without food, poor water quality, and some crowding making this a great display animal, pet, or classroom organism.  .   Contact us at to order and arrange shipping.

amphiuma profile 2012 amphiuma blk bckgrnd amphiuma

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