Toad southern mine

Southern Toads are $6 each plus shipping.  I give discounts for bulk orders of toads.

Contact us at:
to order and arrange shipping

These Southern Toads (avg. ~2″+) are easy to keep, hardy, and resilient.  Southern Toads make interesting pets, can be stocked in greenhouses and terraria, and can also be used as feeder toads for certain predators.  Southern Toads are mostly nocturnal, burying in sand or peat by day and coming out to feed or breed at night.  A nocturnal chorus of toads can make some swampy noises.


Spadefoot Toads are $8 each, plus shipping.

Contact us at:
to order and arrange shipping

Spadefoot Toads are also nocturnal and have a great call when it rains in the summer.

Oak Toads $7:  We can sometimes get oak toads.  Contact us for availability:

oak toad

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