Pig Frog

Pig Frogs (Rana grylio) are sometimes called “Butter Frogs” in Florida.  This is due to their butter-yellow bellies and their tasty flesh when sauteed in butter.  Pig frogs look almost identical to bull frogs, and grow about as big too (5-6 inches snout-vent length).  Pig frogs can be stocked in ponds or can be kept in larger aquaria.  Pig frogs have a duckish/piggish quack/oink-like mating call on warm summer nights.  Pig frogs are more aquatic than bullfrogs and prefer to perch atop floating vegetation.  We have pig frogs most of the year averaging about 3 inches long; $15.00 ea., plus shipping.  Contact us at: swampmonsters@yahoo.com

to order and arrange shipping.pig

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