To purchase an item now, without emailing us, it must be on the list below.  If the animal you want is not on the list, contact us at  Many animals are seasonal.

To purchase items from the list below, just send a payment for the item’s total amount ($) to us in paypal, using the email address
Once we’ve received your payment, we’ll ship yours out on the next nearest Monday or Tuesday, then email you a tracking number.

Purchase Now List:

Greater Siren (Siren lacertina) $25 each, plus shipping $20 =$45 total

Red-bellied Turtle hatchling $12 each, plus shipping $25=$37 total

Striped Mud Turtle hatchling $20 each, plus shipping $25=$50 total

Musk Turtle (aka. Stinkpot) hatchling $18 each, plus shipping $25=$43 total

Softshell Turtle hatchling $12 each, plus shipping $25=$37 total

Armored Catfish adults (6-8″ Hoplosternum littorale) $12  each, plus shipping $25=$35 total

Gar (Florida spotted gar: Lepisosteus oculatus) $17 each, plus shipping $25=$42 total

If you want more than one item, contact us at our email
and we’ll try to combine shipping to save you money.

Thanks for your business,







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