We are swampmonstersreptiles.com, supplying live frogs, toads, turtles, salamanders, lizards, fish, bugs, invertebrates, snakes, and other critters of Florida’s swamps.  We specialize in live aquatic salamanders (greater siren and amphiuma/congo eel), green treefrogs, barking treefrogs, squirrel treefrogs, bull frogs, pig frogs, southern leopard frogs, southern toads, eastern spadefoot toads, Turtles (Striped Mud, Musk, Red-bellied, Softshell, and Snapping Turtles), Snakes (Florida (banded) watersnake, brown watersnake, peninsula ribbon snake, blue stripe garter snake), anoles (green and brown anoles), Fish (spotted gar, bowfin, flagfish, mollies, armored catfish, and bullhead catfish), and select macroinvertebrate and insect species including crayfish, water scavenger beetles, predaceous diving beetles, abedus/water bugs, water scorpions, toe-biters, caterpillar killers, dung beetles, and many other species found in Florida.  We are a “mom-and-pop”-type company started in 2007, and operate in central Florida.  In general, Randy handles the critters and Shari handles administration.  For questions or to order, contact us at: swampmonsters@yahoo.com

River in Spring

Because our products are seasonal and we allow custom orders and combined shipping, contact us at swampmonsters@yahoo.com, for current pricing, to order and to arrange shipping.


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